Your weekly Notion templates #36

A ressource guide + 3 new templates only for you 🔥

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A guide with all my best resources to start on Notion 🎉

You will find the best videos, templates, tools, shortcuts, and courses that I found during the last 6 months. Everything is classified by category and I added a summary to make it easier for you to find the information.

This guide is intended to evolve over time and is therefore not definitive.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it 🙏

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Best resources to start on Notion

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Templates selection

Shoutout to Xavier Coiffard who launched his product on Product Hunt, go support him by upvoting for him:


by Xavier Coiffard

UserBooster is a comprehensive and actionable dashboard that helps you build your launching strategy and get early traction.


Spatial Task List

by Louis Pereira

Task lists are everywhere. I've tried them all. Some were good, but none helped me focus on the important stuff. So I built this. This tool classifies my daily tasks based on importance and effort, so I can effectively chunk my time and do the most important tasks when I am post-productive.

Spatial Task List

Balance OS | GTD, PARA & Goal Setting

by Kafe Dy

With interconnected GTD, PARA, Goal Setting and Journaling templates, Balance OS is a system meant to help you organize and align all the different areas of your life.

Balance OS | GTD, PARA & Goal Setting

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